• Nettle leaf  powder

Urtica dioica, often called common nettle or stinging nettle (although not all plants of this species sting), is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant, native to EuropeAsia, northern Africa, and western North America,[1] and is the best-known member of the nettle genus Urtica

Nettle is a common botanical, native to Africa and western Asia. It has since become naturalized across the globe and can be found wild in many parts of the world. It grows in temperate climates, preferring shady regions with moist soil. Stinging hairs cover the live plant, helping to protect it from predation. When touched, the hairs cause stinging welts due to the content of formic acid. While the stings can be painful, they don't last long and rarely cause serious harm.

Each bag : 37 gram

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Nettle leaf powder

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